• Must have a Class 1 full licence (car licence) for more than 6 months.

1) How to obtain a Class 2 learner licence

a)   Purchase a Heavy Vehicle Road Code (from any bookshop approx $25).

b)   Study parts 1, 2 to the end of the heavy motor vehicle section, 3, 4.1, and 4.2 to the end of Class 2 questions.

c)   Obtain a medical Certificate for Driver Licencing purposes from your doctor.  This medical certificate will only last for 60 days (approx $40/50).  If you have obtained one in the last 5 years for driving licencing purposes and your medical condition hasnít changed (you will need to verify this on your learner licence application form) this will be sufficient

d)  When you have achieved the above, visit a Licence Issuing Office (AA, Vehicle Inspection NZ, Vehicle Testing NZ), take two (2) forms of ID, one to prove your age and identity (eg. NZ driver licence, passport, birth certificate and any other legal document or photo-identity card *) and the other to prove your current residential address (eg, recent power, telephone bill or bank statement *).
* As listed on page 13 in Heavy Vehicle Road Code.

e)   Sit and pass the Class 2 learner licence. (approx $79.00).

2) Driving a Class 2 heavy vehicle

a)    To obtain your full Class 2 licence you will be required to study for 2 unit standards:

I)            Unit No. 17574 Driver Licence.

II)           Unit No. 24089 Fatigue Management, Work time and Drivers Logbook requirements unless you currently hold this unit standard.



I)       Unit No. 17574 Driver Licence requires you to have knowledge and skills to:

a)      Inspect a heavy rigid motor vehicle for legal compliance.

b)      Drive a heavy motor vehicle in different traffic and road conditions.

c)      Manoeuvre a heavy rigid vehicle in reverse.

d)      Park and secure a heavy rigid vehicle.

e)      To maintain a driving hours logbook and explain accident procedures for a heavy

         rigid vehicle.

f)       Describe driver fatigue as it may affect drivers of heavy rigid vehicles.


II)      Unit No. 15164 Drivers Logbook.  You will be required to study the rules covering the use
  of logbooks and learn how to fill out a logbook page correctly.




3) How to obtain a full licence

a)  Show you have studied and understood the requirements of the driving unit no 17574 and 15158.

b)  If required, sit the Logbook Assessment by passing a written test and filling out 7 days of logbook

c)  Carry out checks including: external vehicle checks (such as all the certificates, tyre condition, tread
 depth and tyre pressures, all lights, horn); correct weight loading; axles are not overloaded and load
 secured according to the truck loading code.

d)  Carry out in cab adjustments.

e)  Your driving skill is to the level as laid out in LTNZ fact sheet 58 "The Full Licence Test". The drive
  test course must take at least 45 to 50 minutes to complete and include: - travelling through
  intersections with and without controls or signs; roundabouts; busy and narrow streets; highway
  speeds; mini-rest stops; hill start; U turns; changing lanes; reversing straight for 3 times the vehicle
  length; and also left and right 90 degree turns.

f)   Fill out all necessary paperwork.

4) Course costs

Training/Assessment: - Industry subsidies are available to NZ citizens for training and assessment providing all conditions are met, for example, proof of identity (Birth Certificate, NZ Passport, Australian Passport, Letter of Residency, Statement of Whakapapa, Certificate of Citizenship, Letter of Confirmation or Overseas Passport with residency stamp).
Please note
:  If you are a NZ citizen a Birth Certificate can be obtained on your behalf (approx $26.00).

Driving Tuition: - the total cost will depend on the number of driver training hours required to pass the full licence drive test (as per LTNZ fact sheet 58).

Vehicle Hire: - The hiring, fuel, kilometres travelled and loading/unloading of the assessment vehicle will be quoted at the time.