The Minimum assessment time per client is 2 hours and includes:

1)    A check for vehicle compliance before driving on the road.

2)    Assessment of driving skills, driving to the requirements of the road code and the full licence test
 (LTSA Fact sheet 58).  Skills assessed are as follows:

Driving skills

Road code


Lane use

Signal use

Lane position

Gap selection

Approaching Intersections


Intersection rules

Clutch operations

Roundabout rules

Mirror use

Following distance

Head checks

Entering traffic flow from roadside

Smooth gear changing

Merging, U turns, changing lanes

Uses correct gear

Travelling up and down hills

Speed controls


Searching techniques

Flush median use

 3)    Following distances: - 4 sec rule, stopping distance.

4)    Reversing skills: - Straight, Left and Right hand turns, Pre turning, Reversing with a trailer.

5)    Turning : - Three point turns.

6)    Parking: - Parallel.