Note: Small passenger endorsement:  The practical assessment to operate a small passenger vehicle (taxi or shuttle bus) is assessed and issued by the AA testing officers.

Area knowledge certificate is also required.


  • Must have held a full licence except Class 6 for at least two (2) years).

  • Produce a current medical certificate unless a medical has been provided for a previous licence in the last 5 years.

  • Consents to a fit and proper persons check conducted by the NZ Police.

Unit standard 17579

The course is conducted in a classroom setting.

Course description and requirements

Course takes approx 4 to 6 hours depending on student numbers and client requirements or the learning can be done as self study.

The student is required to:

  • Study the Handbook and complete a pre-learn prior to attending the course, demonstrate an understanding of related legislative acts and the information contained in the Handbook required to obtain the Passenger endorsement.

  • Record this information in an assessment schedule.

This course has one section:

1)  Theory section:       a) Demonstrate knowledge of driver licensing requirements for 

     Endorsement P Passenger.

          b) Demonstrate knowledge of driving hours law and complete driving hours 

     logbook.  Complete an assessment paper and fill in logbook pages

     covering 7 days from scenario supplied.