Unit standards 16701, 16702, 16703 Wheels, Rollers &Tracks

The course is conducted in a classroom setting (visual presentation) and operating special types of vehicles in a work area.

 Course description and requirements

Course takes approx 4 to 5 hours depending on student numbers, client requirements and the number of endorsements being undertaken.

 The student is required to:

  • Study the Operators Safety Manual and complete a pre-learn prior to attending the course.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the information contained in the Operators Safety Manual and record this information in an assessment schedule.

  • Be able to operate a special type vehicle or vehicles over a set course.

 This course has two sections:

1)  Theory section:       a) Study of the Operators Safety Manual and group discussion


          b) Completion of the assessment schedule for each endorsement

     being assessed.

2)  Practical section:    a) Vehicle checks before use.

     b) Driving a special type vehicle safely and legally on a road, for example,

         manouvring a special type vehicle forwards and backwards more than

         20 metres, left and right hand turns in forwards and reverse.